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Applied behavior analysis (aba) 1:1 tutoring

Bull City ELC provides ABA services in home, community & clinic settings.  

Assessments used (depending on age/ability): VB-MAPP, functions of behavior (FBA), ABLLS-R

Collaboration and consistency is crucial for skill acquisition and mastery! Parent training, team meetings and support is a cornerstone to our programs.

What is ABA? Check out the post here.

If you have interest in ABA for your child please contact us by clicking Sign Up! 


Kindergarten Readiness Camp

This intensive three-days a week, 6-week school-readiness program is geared towards all 4-6 year olds as they transition into a classroom setting to ensure each child is well-prepared for the new environment!

Some goals worked on throughout the 6 weeks include: turn-taking, waiting, appropriate communication (raising hands), remaining on task (circle time, at desk, etc.), academic skills and gross/fine motor skills.  We will be happy to discuss other needs your child may have! 

Each week will be themed and include various theme-related projects, circle-time with daily calendar as well as stories, songs and a snack. 


Social skills playgroup

This group is for children who are needing some assistance in building their social skill repertoire in a fun, supportive and goal-oriented setting.  Some skills that may be focused on are: learning to play, sharing, turn-taking, communication with other's, expressing feelings appropriately, etc.  Specific goals will be developed for each child and worked on throughout the 6 week program.  

Learners are encouraged to attend both sessions each week for skill mastery.  They are of course, welcome to join us once per week if that's a better option for your family.

Groups will be broken up into three age/skill groups:  2-3.5, 3.5-5 year olds, 6+ (there may be some variability due to children's abilities and interest) 


in-School1:1 support

Bull City ELC is available and willing to support your child in the school setting as needed! We want your child to be successful in the least restrictive environment.

Customized 1:1 support for your child to ensure they are in the least restrictive environment and have access to  peer models.  We are happy to work alongside teachers to encourage your child in a preschool, elementary or day care setting. 


consulting services

Private/public school staff training and/or family support.  

Bull City ELC believes in inclusion for all children and have taken it upon ourselves to provide support and training for school staff and paraprofessionals.  This service is for schools who are seeking a better way to ensure teachers, parents and professionals are up to date on autism awareness, sensory processing disorders, other developmental disabilities, taking data, the basics of behavior and more.  Trainings can be customized to the needs of your program/family!

Our trainings are based in the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), as well as positive behavior support.  Bull City ELC can accommodate for all aged children and a variety of needs.

Bull city elc believes that all children deserve the right to the support services they need. if paying the full session costs is a hardship on your family, we do offer a sliding scale. please contact us for further information.